Screw Press, Fiber Filter, Shredder

The VP Series Screw Presses were introduced in 1952.  Today they are larger, high torque machines, with relatively long screens.  They are commonly used in pulp & paper, corn wet milling, and spent coffee applications, where the press cake requires maximum dewatering.  They feature foot mounted gearboxes; screw diameters start at 16".  The Model VP-16 is popular, so several are built at a time.

The CP Series Screw Presses are also high torque machines.  They feature hollow shaft gearboxes, resulting in a compact machine.  Presses with screw sizes of 4", 6", 10", and 12" are kept in stock.  The Model CP-4, frequently used for laboratory trials, is always available.

The KP Series Screw Presses are our most popular, probably because of relatively low cost.  They are best suited for applications like produce waste, which requires less torque than offered by the VP and CP Presses.  The KP's with screws up to 16" diameter use hollow bore gearboxes, while units larger than that use foot mounted gearboxes.  The screens are not quite as long.  Units 16" and smaller use one air cylinder instead of two to actuate the discharge cone, and they include the rotating cone feature.

Introduced in 2014, the KP-L Series Screw Press features the tapered shaft design, longer screen, and additional compression stages of our aggressive VP Series combined with the lower horsepower requirement and price point of our standard KP Series. This hybrid design offers superior liquid separation capability for lower torque applications such as spent brewers' grain, pectin peel, and fruit juicing.

The TSP Series Screw Presses have two overlapping screws.  They are available with 6" and larger screw diameters.  They are best suited for applications involving very slippery material, those materials which require internal shredding, or installations requiring extraordinarily high throughput capacity.  Because of their cost and complexity, they are not used where a single screw press can do the job.

Vincent Shredders which mount over the inlet of screw presses are available where performance is improved by breaking up the material entering a press.

Similarly, static (sidehill or parabolic) screens are manufactured.  These are mounted over the inlet of a screw press when pre-thickening of the inbound flow is needed in order to optimize performance of the press.  Two designs are offered, with long and short screens.  They are available in widths from 18" to 72".  Wedgewire screens with various slot widths are used.

The Vincent Fiber Filter is a small footprint filter machine with strong non-blinding characteristics.  It achieves fine filtration by using filter sleeves made of woven fabric.  It was originally developed for filtering press liquor ahead of an evaporator.  In recent years its chief application has become filtration of wastewater.

Lime Dosers are used where adding hydrated lime (calcium hydroxide) causes a chemical reaction which releases water which can be separated by a screw press.  Orange peel, potato peel, and tomato waste are typical examples.

All of this equipment is available in the Vincent Rental Fleet.

Vincent started in 1931 by building a Drum Dryer.  These were discontinued in 2007.

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