Vincent Food Grade

Rather than the standard sand blasted finish, we offer an alternate finish known as Vincent Food Grade. After the first sand blasting, we fill with weld any pits and undercuts which the sand blasting has made visible. These new welds are ground smooth, and any weld spatter is ground off. Next the parts are blasted with glass bead. This gives a finish that has a slight luster, an improvement over sand blasting. An optional polishing step is also offered.

During assembly, food grade grease is used in the cone bushings, shaft bearings, and seal housing. In cases where no non-food grade lubricants are allowed into a customer's facility, the gearbox can be filled with food grade oil.

Finally, we passivate with acid to remove carbon steel inclusions. These inclusions come from using chipping hammers, wire brushes and other carbon steel tools. Without passivation, rust streaks are apt to appear on the press.

Optional accessories are offered that aid in CIP. For example, spray bars can be fitted for washing the outside of the screens. In all cases pasteurization is required for food materials from screw presses. 

Click here for a pdf version of the Vincent Food Grade brochure complete with photos.