Troughless Screw Conveyor

October 22, 2010                                                                                                                                                                                                     ISSUE #227


Frequently customers ask Vincent about handling press cake from our screw presses.  Applications with a common solution include filling a truck trailer, windrowing a pile, and filling a bin. 

Two solutions frequently seen are rather complicated.  If a screw conveyor is being used to convey the press cake, discharge slide gates are mounted at intervals.  These gates are controlled so as to drop the press cake in a series of conical piles.  On the other hand, if a belt press is being used to convey the press cake, a traveling diverter dam can be built to push the cake off the belt into a long row.

A much simpler means of spreading press cake in a long uniform pile is to use a screw conveyor which operates without any trough.  As seen in the photos below, the press cake falls from this conveyor, forming a conical pile.  However once the pile reaches the screw, the press cake is conveyed in a long row.

This mechanism is excellent for loading truck trailers as no one needs to be in attendance to move the truck each time the pile gets to the top of the sideboards.  Similarly, it can be used for filling a citrus peel bin or for forming a windrow of manure solids.