Series CP Press Options

February 25, 2005

An e-mail recently received, via our web site, read as follows: "I am building a proposal for a client and have a need to know the cost and delivery for a Model CP-4 horizontal press." Not revealing what material is to be pressed, why, how much per hour, or any other similar specification can lead to trouble later on. One way to address this is to be aware of the options that can be built into these small screw presses:

  • Goodyear Tire currently has CP-4's on order that will be fed crumb rubber from a conveyor belt. For this application, the inlet hoppers are being made 30" long.

  • Gold Kist has specified stainless steel motors, to protect against wash down chemicals in a McNuggets operation.

  • Simplot specified that no brass (cone, bushings, and nuts) be used for similar reasons, in a French fried potato application.

  • Sensient Flavors specified vapor-tight construction, and an explosion proof motor, in an ingredient extraction application, where alcohol solution is squeezed from vegetable material.

  • Tyson Foods had their units equipped with deep, tapered, inverted-pyramid drain pans, in an application where the press liquor is very thick and slow flowing.

  • Decas Cranberry had their units blasted with glass beads, rather than sand. This is used in some food-grade applications, to give a little extra luster to the stainless components.

  • The standard speed press is supplied for most applications. However, if either greater juice yield or drier press cake is important, capacity will be sacrificed by going to a half-speed gearbox. If the material being pressed is very slimy and reluctant to give up its moisture, a quarter speed drive, or VFD, is used.

  • The standard screen has 0.015" wide slots, which does very well in an extremely wide range of applications. The only exception is separating cooking oil from crumb and fines, where 0.008" slots are used.

There is no change in pricing for these last two options. However, the factory obviously needs to know about it.

Issue 158