Screw Removal and Replacement

Removing and replacing the screw of a Series KP press is a matter of pushing or pulling against an internal snap ring. This snap ring is located in the hollow shaft of the gearbox. A large washer, almost as large in diameter as the hollow shaft of the gearbox, is seated on one side or the other of the snap ring. All-thread rod and a nut are used to push or pull against this washer in order to move the screw in the desired direction.

Complete tool kits and drawings of these kits are available upon request. The Operating Hints section of the O&M manual has a number of helpful suggestions:

The snap ring, washer, and all-thread rod combination must be used to remove the screw from the press. Using a wheel puller can destroy the gearbox.

It is common that heavy force may be required in either removing or reinstalling a screw.

Be sure to lubricate the screen when reinstalling a screw, and be sure to apply Never Seize to the portion of the screw shaft that goes into the gearbox.

Heavy industrial snap ring pliers will be required for use with the internal snap ring.

A special nut with a lug that catches in the keyway is required when pushing the screw out of the press.

When pushing a screw out of the press a steel disc should be placed over the end of the all-thread rod in order to prevent it from screwing into the threaded hole in the end of the screw.

When reinstalling a screw, the screw must be pulled in until the step in the shaft seats against the thrust bearing of the gearbox. Be careful when guiding this step in the shaft through the shaft seals. It is best to remove the four bolts holding the seal housing during the screw installation.

When pulling a screw into the press the all-thread rod must be screwed into the end of the screw. This can be done before starting to put the screw into the press.