Rental Fleet Brief

Vincent's strongest selling tool is a fleet of over 150 of our presses and related machines. This includes a full range of testing, laboratory, pilot and even large scale equipment.

Rentals can last from a week up to four years. After about four years, you own the machine, and we quit charging rent.

The one page, four paragraph rental agreement is simple. Comparisons with Hertz Rent-A-Car help explain how it works:

Hertz charges rent by the day. Vincent charges rent by the week.

Hertz expects the client to pick up and return a car. Similarly, Vincent insists that clients pay the freight to and from the operating site.

If you park and do not drive your Hertz car, they still expect you to pay the rent. Vincent works the same way.

If your Hertz car breaks down, they will fix it, or replace it, without charge. Vincent's policy is the same.

If you crash your Hertz car, they will fix it, or replace it, as long as you took out insurance. Vincent's policy is the same, except we do not require any insurance.

Hertz would never think of asking you to install replacement parts on a car. In contrast, when practical, Vincent does ask the customer to pick up field labor costs for installation, repair or modifications.

If you like your Hertz car and want to buy it, they will direct you to a nearby car dealer. In contrast, Vincent will not only sell you the machine, but we will allow 50% of the rent you have paid to be applied toward the purchase price.

If you want to rent a car that Hertz does not carry in their fleet, forget it. You will have better luck with Vincent. We are more likely to agree to build a custom machine, for rental, to fit your needs.

Any time you get tired of your Hertz car, you can return it and the rent stops. It is the same with Vincent. The rent stops the day you ship the machine back to us.