Meat Plant Waste

December 4, 1998

Ed Miniat Inc. is a large specialty meat processor in the Chicago area. They produce meats commonly found in delicatessens. Boneless Cooked Seasoned Beef Ribs would be a typical product.

Early in 1997 our sales rep arranged for Ed Miniat to rent a KP-6 press, with a two week free trial period. A few weeks later they purchased that machine. It was not until recently that someone from Vincent visited the firm. We found a unique application.

The meat packing plant generates 4,000 to 5,000 pounds per day of "inedible". This is trim fat, gristle and other unusable meat. Some is collected in garbage pails, while other is flushed in floor drains. The drain water is run through a rotating drum screen, and the solids from this filter are collected in pails.

All of this inedible material is sold to a rendering plant. The problem that existed was that the waste contained so much free water that the renderer was refusing loads.

The problem was solved by processing all of the inedible through the KP-6. This is done on the second shift, with the press being fed from buckets that are lifted by hand. The water that drains from the press goes to the wastewater treatment facility.

For added convenience the press is mounted on a stand with casters. This stand was supplied by Vincent at the time of the original rental.

Issue 87