Meat Flavor Extracts

July 11, 2001

Ariaki U.S.A., a Virginia firm, has been running a new oil recovery system. The elements of the installation include a Model KP-16 screw press, the press liquor from which flows directly into a Model FF-6 Fiber Filter. Waste materials from the plant are run through the system in order to recover oils.

Ariaki produces meat flavored extracts from by-products that are acquired from hog, broiler, beef and turkey slaughter houses. These materials are processed in extractors to recover food grade meat flavorings. The waste material from the extractors resembles hot stew.

In the past this waste has been turned over to a rendering company for disposal. It has had little value because of the high moisture content.

The new system recovers oil from the extractor waste flow. This is done by pumping the waste to the Vincent screw press where a thick liquid is expelled through the screen. The liquid is high in both oil content and suspended solids.

This flow of press liquor, about 5 gpm, drains from the screw press to a Fiber Filter that is mounted directly below. The Fiber Filter, using a coarse fabric sleeve, removes suspended solids from the flow. These solids, along with the cake from the screw press, fall to a waste hauling trailer that is parked below the Vincent machines. (The system may be modified so that the sludge from the Fiber Filter can be pumped back to the inlet of the screw press.)

The filtered press liquor is pumped to heating tanks where the oil is recovered. Water separated from the oil is treated in the Ariaki wastewater treatment plant.

It is notable that the material pumped to the screw press has chunks of bone. These range in size from a dime to pieces that cannot be covered by a fifty cents piece. They are pumped with a V-Ram piston pump to the screw press. These bone fragments pass through the press without difficulty.

Issue 118