Manure Presses

User's List -- Manure Presses

2011  Vermont Organics is awaiting a KP-16 which will be used in a traveling manure separation operation.

2011  Daisy Farm in Texas is awaiting a KP-10 which they have sourced through AgPro.

2011  Brandy Branch Dairy, with 1,500 head, is to test a Model FF-12 Fiber Filter for fine filtration of screened manure water.

2011  Brandy Branch Diary replaced an oversized KP-24 press with a KP-16 combined with a 6' sidehill screen.

2011  RUNI, our European distributor, purchased two KP-6 and one KP-10 for use on dairy manure.

2010  Maverick Energy is using a KP-16 to dewater swine manure from a Tyson Food processing plant.

2010  University of Georgia bought a Model  CP-4 laboratory press for research work.

2010  EM Biogas in Texas took over operation of one of the largest biogas digesters in America.  A KP-16 press is used to dewater the effluent.  Prior to bankruptcy the digester was operated by Microgy.

2010  Classic Farm bought a Model FF-6 Fiber Filter for fine filtration of screened manure water.

2010  A KP-16 was installed at the Crave Brothers dairy in Wisconsin, replacing a KP-10.  This was supplied through Pieper Electric, Clearwater Horizons.

2010  Domingo Begonia Dairy in Mexico traded up to a Model KP-10 from a KP-6.

2009  Wiegel's Riverside Dairy acquired a KP-10 through Badgerland in Wisconsin.  A sidehill screen prethickens the flow to the press. 

2009  Re-N Production in Denmark acquired a KP-10 which is used as part of their manure treatment and digestion system.

2008  University of Wisconsin.  The Dairy Forage Research Center in Baraboo replaced their original KP-10 with a new version.  Major improvement in throughput capacity was made by adding an open vent line at the inlet hopper of the press.

2008  Tru Shine Truck Wash in Minnesota acquired a KP-16 to dewater swine manure which comes from washing trucks used for live animal hauling.  A pair of sidehill screens prethicken the flow to the press. 

2008  IWR in Alberta acquired a KP-6 for use with their hog manure system.  A sidehill screen prethickens the flow to the press.  United Livestock acted as a dealer in the project.

2008  Wakarusa Nutritional purchased a KP-6 for use on the family farm.

2008  Global Separation in South Africa purchased a Model KP-6, three KP-10's, and two KP-16's for dairy manure.  They also acquired a CP-4 for testing.

2008  Hormel Foods bought a KP-10 for dewatering paunch manure at their Farmer John's operation.

2008  Dairy Production Systems in Florida acquired a KP-10.

2008  Badgerland supplied a KP-10 to the Dairy Forage Research Station in Baraboo, Wisconsin.

2008  Hesprich Diary acquired a KP-10.

2007  Hillcrest Dairy bought a KP-10 through Integrity Ag  Systems.

2007  Iowa State University in Ames purchased a KP-10 for their farm.

2007  Central Beef in Florida purchased a KP-16 for dewatering paunch manure.

2007  Ottinger Farm purchased a KP-10 through Tri City Equipment.

2006   Clearwater Horizons supplied a KP-10 for the showcase digester at Crave Bothers Farm in Wisconsin.

2006  Miedema Dairy in Ohio purchased a KP-16 through AgPro and Integrity Ag Systems.

2006  Inland Empire bought a KP-10 for a cooperative dairy manure digester in Chino, California.

2006  Van der Geest purchased a second KP-16 for their 3,400 head dairy.

2005  Van der Geest purchased a KP-16 to dewater manure ahead of their manure combustion system.

2005  Wright-Whitly farm purchased a KP-16 through AgPro.  It is used with the biogas digester.

2005  Lochmead Farms acquired a KP-10.

2005  Zirbel's DenMar Acres in Wisconsin acquired a KP-10 through Hydro Engineering and Braun Electric.

2005  Auburn University acquired a KP10 through AgPro for a hog operation.

2005  Amos Brothers Dairy bought a KP-10 through AgPro.

2004  Ross Farm acquired a KP-10 through AgPro.  Eduard Gaker got engaged at the farm during the start-up.

2004  Van Blarcom bought a KP-10 through Integrity Ag Systems for their dairy operation.

2004  Jon-De Farm in Wisconsin purchased a KP-16 through Hydro Engineering.

2004  Patterson Farms in New York purchased a KP-16, through Integrity Ag Systems, for their RCM Digesters biogas digester.  A sidehill screen prethickens the flow to the press.  

2004  Tri City Dairy bought a KP-10 through AgPro.

2004  New Flevo Dairy in Michigan acquired a KP-10 through AgPro.

2004  AgriClean (Mills Dairy)  A KP-6 press was purchased for use with effluent from the biogas digester.

2004  Pecuaria Cora, in Ciudad Guzman, Mexico, purchased a KP-6 for use on pig manure.

2003  Auburn University purchased a Model KPO-6  for use at the model dairy farm.

2003  Leo Dickson Farm in Pennsylvania bought a KP-10 through AgPro.

2003  Holgerson Farm acquired a KP-10 through AgPro.

2003  Peck's El-Vi farm in Pennsylvania acquired a KP-10 through Penn Jersey.  The press was used to dewater manure ahead of a biogas digester.

2002  DeHaan Dairy in Oregon acquired a KP-16 through AgPro.

2002  The City of Tillamook, Oregon acquired a KP-16 through RCM Digesters for their community dairy manure digester.

2002  Skyridge Dairy in Washington acquired a KP-16 through AgPro.

2002  Process Flow in western Ontario supplied a KP-10 for use on a biogas digester.

2002 Remington Tanner Dairy in Texas acquired a KP-16 through AgPro.

2002 Iowa State.  A KP-6 has been started up on the biogas digester project of Iowa State University.  The unit is located at NICC in Calmer, Iowa.  The gas is used to heat water in a Perennial Energy system.  The system was shut down many years ago.

2002  Milk Unlimited Dairy Farms in Atlantic, Iowa purchased two KP-16 presses for their dairy, in 2002 and 2005.  Kelly Cunningham, 712-769-2697, is the farm manager.  They now have 3,400 cows, and he figures one KP-16 can take all the manure from 2,500 cows.  They switched to sand bedding.  They have a sand settling lane that does a good job of separating out the sand. 

2002  Mason Dixon Farms bought a Model FF-12 Fiber Filter for fine filtration of press liquor from their FAN presses.

2001 Noblehurst Farms.  Rob Noble (585-737-7116) of Noblehurst Farms in Linwood, NY has a KP-10 for his manure digester.  This unit has operated successfully for many years, although it is present shut down due to digester fire having occurred.

2001  B&R Dairy in Chary, New York acquired a KP-16 through Penn Jersey.

2001  Porterdale Farms in Adams Center, New York acquired a CP-10 through Penn Jersey.

2001  Kelsey Farm acquired a KP-10 through AgPro, replacing two worn FAN presses.

2001  University of Tennessee bought a Model  CP-4 laboratory press for research work.

2001 Matlink Farms.  A KP-10 was used with the circulating type digester at Matlink in Clymer, New York.  660,000 gallons.  The farm failed, and the new owners have sold the Vincent press.

2001  Steve Neahring Farm in Oregon acquired a KP-10 through AgPro.

2001 High Plains Dairy.  A KP-16 has been sold through RCM Digesters to High Plains Dairy in Kansas.  It has started as a flush barn, and it will switch to being a biogas digester sludge later on.  2200 head.  Denton Blevins is the general manager, 620-563-9441.  The digester has never been placed in service.

2001 Futura Dairy.  A KP-6 is in service at Futura Dairy in Central City, Iowa.  This unit dewaters sludge from a biogas digester.  Start-up has been difficult, but things seems to be working fine now.  We head that this farm failed years ago.

2000  Penn Jersey supplied a CP-10 which is used to dewater the waste water flow from a truck wash facility which is dedicated to vehicles used to haul live animals.

1999  Riverside Dairy acquired a KP-16 through KT Harvestore.  We hear from very little is Don Hatcher, mobile 423-618-9116, farm 423-338-2780 at Riverside Dairy Farm in Benton, Tennessee.  They have a KP-16 on 800 head, flush barn.  I saw a good 800 gpm going through the machine.  June 2001 we visited unannounced; the machine was in service, running fine, no signs of wear.

1999  Fairgrove Farms.  The KP-10 machine at Fairgrove Farms pressed sludge from a granddaddy manure digester.   Our Pressing News #1 2describes this biogas system for electricity generation.  This was all shut down long ago under new owners when the digester was filled with sand.

1998  Ohio State University in Wooster, Ohio is running at 40 gpm press liquor from their KP-10.  This is the machine in the video that Harvestore made.  The new barn manager is Kevin Miller, 330-263-3924, Dairy Research Center Manager, Krauss Dairy Center.  They have 120 cows, scrape barn, feeding our press.  They run only 16 hours a week, making bedding.  They put the press cake fresh into the stalls, without composting.

1998  Zorin Farm acquired a KP-10 from Penn Jersey for use on dairy manure.

1998  Farris Farm in Ohio acquired a KP-10 from Farmer's Service.

1998 - 2006  University of Tennessee.  Our little KP-6's have a love/hate relationship at the University of Tennessee.  They have 150 to 200 cows, scrape barn, and generally wish they had a larger press.  At least three versions have been placed in service over the years as improvements were made.

1998  Hutterite Colony.  United Livestock in Alberta, Canada sold a KP-10 to the Pibroch Colony, part of the Hutterite or Hutterian Brethren.  The farm is north of Edmonton.  George Walter is the Minister; Ely takes care of the manure system.  They installed a tiny sidehill screen over the inlet to the press.  The press liquor runs a good 60 gpm.  They have 4,000 pigs in the finishing barns.  They produce 22 tons per week of press cake.  Years ago we heard that a digester was added to the system.

1998  Maxie House in Sri Lanka purchased a Model KP-6 screw press for use on their pig farm.

1997-1999  We have sold three KP-6's to pig farmers in Costa Rica.  Since the sales came one year apart, we know the machines are working well.  These farmers are bagging the cake and selling it as cattle and goat feed.  The Cinta Azul farm has a digester.  Concentrados de El General has a unit.

1997  Cushman Farm.  As at Fairgrove Farms, a KP-10 is used on digester sludge on an A.O. Smith Harvestore dairy manure biogas system at Cushman Farm.  The biogas is used as boiler fuel.  Our contact is Dave Smith at 860-234-0285 and Nathen Cushman, 860-642-4711, 120 Kahn Road, North Franklin, CT 06254.  The system has been shut down for a long time now.

1997   A good KP-16 installation was at McArthur Farms in Okeechobee, Florida.  Ga-Fl Harvestore participated.  They ran 1,500 cows in a flush barn.  Their pump was limited to 600 gpm, and the press took it all easily.  The contact would be Maintenance Manager Rick Amadon 863-763-8986.  This farm has at least 5,000 head.  The machine was taken out of service when they switched to sand bedding in 2001; however, they switched back temporarily with a new wastewater treatment system.

1996  The original KP-10 at the University of Wisconsin did great, but it was replaced with the same model in 2008.  The original KP-10 processed 50 gpm of dairy manure, with a separation of 43 gpm of liquid.  The inbound solids were split evenly, with 50% in the press liquid and 50% in the press cake.  Press cake moisture content measured 72%.  Scraped barn.