Fiber Filter Patent

November 20, 2000

Here at Vincent we are proud of the award on September 12, 2000 of United States Patent number 6,117,321. It describes an EXTERNAL TENSION ADJUSTMENT DEVICE FOR A FILTERING SLEEVE IN A FILTERING MACHINE. This came as a result of our work over the last three years with the Fiber Filter.

This is a machine design feature used in all Vincent Fiber Filter machines. The Fiber Filter works on the principle of inducing high frequency vibration in a fabric sleeve that is stretched with springs. The patent covers mounting the sleeve tensioning springs on the outside of the machine.

Prior technology used tensioning springs that are mounted on the inside of the machine. The primary disadvantage of this arrangement is in filtering food products where it fundamentally less sanitary to have springs in the flow of filtrate.

An additional advantage is that the tension of external springs can be adjusted with the machine in operation.

Only twenty months elapsed between the application and issue dates. This speedy action can be attributed in part to the fact that a law firm was not used in the process. The initial disallowance of the patent claim was resolved by telephone, without the requirement of any correspondence.

A copy of the patent is available upon request.

Issue 111