Dryer Installations


IT WAS A GOOD RUN, FROM 1931 TO 2007.  To fill your needs, you are referred to

  Colby Starch Co. Caribou, Maine Potato Waste for Feed
1952 Osceola Fruit Distrbutors Kissimmee, FL Citrus
1952 Spreckels Sugar Co. Stockton, CA Beet Pulp & Molasses
1955 Campbell Soup Co. Camden, N.J. Vegetable Waste
1956 Masonite Corp. Laurel, Miss. Lignin
1957 Brunswick Navigation Co. Mohead City, N.C. Fish Solubles
1958 1968 1971 Winter Garden Citrus Products Winter Garden, FL Citrus Pulp for Cattle Feed
1959 1968 1972 Nassau Fertilizer & Oil Co. Fernandina Beach, FL Fish Meal
1959 University of Florida Belle Glade, FL Forage Grass
1960 Morningstar Paisley Co. Houlton, Maine Potato Pomace
1962 Ben Hill Griffin Frostproof, FL Citrus
1962 Salada Foods, Inc. Plant City, FL Citrus
1962 Southern Crab Co. Pascagoula, Miss. Crab & Trash Fish
1963 Texas Menhaden Port Arthur, TX Fish Meal
1964 Mercator Corp. Reading, PA (Mexico Plant Barbasco Roots
1965 Sociedade Acoreana Lima, Peru Forage Grasses
1966 Greek Juice Processing & Canning Athens, Greece Pectin (Lemon)
1967 Adlife New Orleans, LA Bagasse
1967 Mars, Inc. Atlanta, GA 2 Bread Crumbs
1967 Metropolitan Waste Conversion Wheaton, IL Garbage Compost
1967 Princeville Canning Co. St. Francesville, LA Sweet Potatoes
1968 Florida Sip Inc. Plant City, FL Citrus
1968 Minute Maid (Citrus Central) Plymouth, FL Citrus
1968 Pataz Hadarom Ltd. Rehovoth, Israel Citrus-Feed
1968 Southern Drying Co., Tampa (Duval Bakery, Jacksonville) Edible Bread Crumb
1969 1976 Iowa Beef Porcessors, Inc. Emporia, Kansas Amarillo, Texas Beef Bone Dehydration
1970 Sunkist Growers Ontario, CA Lemon Dehy. for Pectin
1971 Pardess Citrus Products Ltd. Rehovat, Israel Citrus Feed
1971 S.A. San Miguel Argentina Pectin (Lemon)
1972 Avante S.A. Productos Alimenticios Brazil Pectin (Lemon) and Cattle Feed
1972 California Citrus Products, Inc. Lindsay, CA Citrus Feed
1972 1974 H. Jn-Jacques Haiti Pectin (Lime)
1972 Standard Products Co., Inc. Reedville, VA Southport, N.C. Fish Meal Dehdration
1973 Bishop Process Equipment Co. Mexico Bagasse for Feed
1973 Citrex S.A.I.C. Buenos Aires, Argentina Pectin Cattle Feed
1973 Paco Hellas S.A. Aeghion, Greece Pectin (Grapefruit)
1973 Poultry By-Products, Inc. Hanceville, AL Poultry Feather Meal Dehy
1973 Rich Products Corp. Buffalo, N.Y. Soy Meal
1973 Treasure Isle, Inc. Dover, FL Shrimp Waste Recovery (Tampa Bay Fisheries)
1973 U.S. Sugar Corp. Clewiston, FL Bagasse for Cattle Feed
1974 F.C. Agro Development Philippines Pineapple Pulp
1974 Limol, Inc. Princeton, FL Lime Pulp Dehy. System for Pectin
1974 Paca Industries Ltd. Bat-Yam, Israel Cane and Beet Molasses Distillery Waste Evap.
1974 Sotrag Casablanca, Morocco Citrus - Cattle Feed
1974 Yakhin Canning Co. Israel Citrus - Feed
1975 CoBelize Feed Ltd. Belize, C.A. Citrus - Feed
1975 1975 1977 M.B.P.X.L. Corp. Wichita, Kansas Plainview, Texas Friona, Texas Beef Bone Dehydration
1976 Atlantic Sugar Association Belle Glade, FL Bagasse Drying for Fuel
1976 Central By-Products Ltd. Forest, Miss. Chicken Offal
1976 Quimica Hercules S.A. de C.V. Mexico Pectin (Lime)
1977 American Orange Corp. auchula, FL Citrus
1977 International Grain Machinery Venezuela Cassava Dehy. for Starch Recovery
1977 Meitar Aparatos S.A. Santa Fe, Argentina Apple Presses
1978 Spencer Foods Beef Bone Dehydration
1979 California Fresh Pak (Borden, Ventura Coastal Corp.) Indio, California Pectin
1979 Nikopolis (ex-Esperis) Greece Citrus
1981 Industrias Citricola Oaxaca, Mexico Citrus
1981 Laconia Citrus Greece Citrus
1983 Kendall Food Kendall, Florida Citrus
1988 Picasa Veracruz, Mexico Citrus
1989 CiPro Sicilia Sicily, Italy Fenice srl Reggio Calabria, Italy Pectin
1989 Citricos Alamo S.A. Veracruz, Mexico Citrus
1990 Central By Products Forest, Mississippi Feather Meal
1990 Ventura Coastal Corporation Indio, California Pectin
1998 MCT, C.A. Anaco, Anzoategui, Venezuela MODEL VVD-25-FRD-EH Mango Waste