Rental Fleet

May 17, 1996

Rev. September 2012

Starting with a single machine in 1994, Vincent has built up a rental fleet of over 150 machines.  Most are screw presses.  These range in size from 4" to 30" (CP-4 through KP-30).  All of the Fiber Filters and presses are included.  Other machines in the fleet are sidehill screens, shredders, a rotary drum screen, and a Pulp Fluidizer.

The machines are available primarily for a potential client to test their application on-site before buying the equipment.  This is important where (free) testing in Tampa is not adequate, as when process temperature and material spoilage are considerations.  Testing dilute or high mass flows are generally easier to perform at the customer's facility.

We make the rentals easy.  The rental form is a simple one page statement that says the customer will pay the freight and weekly rental fee, while Vincent assumes the responsibility for all maintenance parts and wear and tear.  It has blanks for the shipping address, contact person, telephone numbers, and, if used by the customer, a PO number.  The customer has the option of terminating the rental period at any time without penalty.

One half of the rent can be applied toward the purchase price of the machine.

Rentals are available on a first ordered, first served basis.  Most rentals are for a few weeks or months.  Many rentals have stretched until the press is paid for, while other customers rent a machine each year for a harvest period.  On occasion a client has held a rental machine until a unit being manufactured to order is completed. 

One side benefit of the rental program is that Vincent has gained considerable operating and maintenance experience with the full range of our machines.  This has led to numerous design changes and product improvements.

Most rental presses come from new production runs.  Occasionally, Vincent receives trade-in units which go into the rental fleet. 

International rentals are common, almost always for temporary on-site testing.  Generally they are limited to established customers, large multi-national firms, and special situations.

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