Pulp Fluidizer

October 2, 2001

In citrus juice operations there frequently is a need to handle frozen pulp. This pulp is filtered from juice in either Brown or FMC finishers, and then frozen. It is most commonly added back in orange juice blending operations. It can also be used in preparation of juice flavored soft drinks.

Originally developed for Minute Maid juice blending operations, today the Vincent Pulp Fluidizer is used by almost all of their co-packers.

The machine enables pumping frozen blocks of citrus pulp. Blocks in up to a five gallon size are fluidized with a very minimum of damage to cell and fiber structure. Since the operation is performed at low speed and without the application of heat, the highest level of flavor characteristics is maintained.

The original machine has found acceptance in fluidizing frozen pulp and pomace from both deciduous and tropical fruits. It is also used, as convenient, to liquefy frozen juices in blending and not-from-concentrate operations.

Designated The Model PF-1416-K7.5, the machine is described as a low speed, double drum pulp fluidizer.

The pulp is reduced to a fluid state by mechanical means. With the addition of some water (or heat from another source), the product becomes pumpable.


  • Basic T-304 stainless steel construction.
  • All gaskets are of food grade material.
  • Contact teeth are made of hardened T-410 stainless.
  • The guard door, product hood, and feed tray have #3 finish.
  • A clean-out door and flanged discharge port are included.
  • The housing has a glass bead finish.
  • It has hardened teeth on the drive sprockets.
  • The drive is a 7-1/2 hp TEFC chemical duty motor.

    Nominal capacity is 30 to 40 frozen blocks of approximately 5 gallons each, per hour.

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