KP-16 Improvements

May 20th, 2008

When Ford Motor Company introduced their 1950 Ford, at the start of a new decade, they were very proud. Every dealership had a big poster with a banner headline, "FIFTY IMPROVEMENTS IN 1950". Fifty different items, including carburetor and generator changes, were listed.

Today the most popular screw press offered by Vincent is the Model KP-16. A recent production run included the following ten improvements:

    • Resistor Bar: The resistor bar has been modified to allow the screen to face either direction. This means that the screen can be reversed for double the previous life expectancy. A handle on the resistor bar prevents it from being inserted incorrectly.
    • Tailstock: The tailstock assembly has been altered to allow adequate space for using a magnetic drill in the shop. During assembly the tailstock is tapped and shimmed where screw-to-screen alignment is best. Then it is clamped in place, and the mag drill is used to bore the holes for the bolts connecting the tailstock to the bed frame. Also, a plate which provided axial support for the tailstock has been removed because it was deemed no longer necessary.
    • Bed Frame: As the result of the tailstock modifications the bed frame has been shortened three inches. Also, one of the channels which support the tailstock has been turned to face the C-plate. The tailstock should be much easier to remove.
    • Drive Wheels: The drive wheels for the rotating cone feature are 1" thick by 8" diameter, with a bronze bushing and steel axle. This is a new drive design implemented on all Series KP presses. The machined bushings and axles ensure the wheels turn straight. The larger diameter reduces the number of turns the wheels make.
    • Rocker Arm: The yoke has been widened from 12" to 15". This puts the drive wheels farther out on the cone's racing ring. The farther the wheels are from the center, the smaller the angle of rotation the wheels are forced to bear.
    • Screw Shaft: The OD of the screw shaft will be 6" instead of the previous 4". This may decrease capacity of the press slightly in some cases, but it should increase dewatering capability. That is, there is less distance for water to travel to get to the screen, so press cake should be drier.
    • Catch Pan/Covers: The covers fit into the press liquor catch pan 3" lower than before. This allows more access to the screen and the discharge flange, making cleaning and repairs easier.
    • B-plate Screen Centering Ring: The screen positioning ring at the B-plate is now a single piece, with a 1" gap to serve as a cord cutter.
    • Cone Bushing: The cone bushings will be made of UHMW instead of green nylon. UHMW will be less prone to seize to the shaft as it expands less due to water absorption.
    • Racing ring: The racing ring, on which the wheels track, is now made of glass-filled UHMW. Increased life is expected.

Issue 199