Frozen Pulp Fluidizer

SPECIAL DESIGN: Low speed, double drum type, pulp fluidizer.

The Pulp Fluidizer was developed to enable pumping frozen blocks or chubs of fruit pulp while maintaining the highest level of flavor characteristics. The machine has found acceptance in fluidizing frozen pulp and pomace from both deciduous and tropical fruits. It is also used, as convenient, to liquify frozen juices in blending and not- from-concentrate operations.

The unit is a premium machine in that blocks are fluidized with a very minimum of damage to cell and fiber structure. It is a double drum type fluidizer that turns at a relatively low speed (520 rpm). These two features assure minimum disturbance to the materials being fluidized. In the machine, product is reduced to a fluid state by mechanical means. No heat is added, and, with the addition of some water (or heat from another source), the product becomes pumpable.

Specifications include:


  • Basic T-304 stainless steel construction.
  • All gaskets of food grade material.
  • Contact teeth are made of specially hardened T-410 stainless steel.
  • Guard door, product hood, and feed tray are #3 finish.
  • Clean-out door and flanged discharge port.
  • Housing is glass bead and 2-B finish.
  • 7-1/2 hp TEFC chemical duty motor.
  • Hardened teeth sprockets.

Option: 3" Tri-Clamp sprayball connection and sprayball for CIP service.

Capacity is 30 to 40 frozen blocks of approximately 5 gallons each, per hour.

Ref: Drawing A-91424.