Fiber Filter I

July 21 1998

Vincent Corporation is introducing an exciting new product, the Fiber Filter.  Featuring fine filtration of low consistency, high gpm throughputs, the Fiber Filter is a unique machine.  There is nothing quite like it available in the market.  It operates continuously with a fabric filter that is vibrated clean by the process flow, requiring only occasional back-flush cycles.

Liquid flows with fiber contents ranging from 100 ppm to 2.0% are thickened to a range of 2% to 10% solids with the Fiber Filter.  The filtrate liquid is remarkably free of suspended solids.  The Fiber Filter can replace equipment ranging from pre-thickening screens to centrifuges.  Fiber Filters can be used both to thicken flow ahead of a screw press and to remove fiber from press liquor.

Mechanically the Fiber Filter consists of a rotating paddle impeller that whirls and pulses the incoming fluid against the inside of a cylindrical filter screen.  The filter screen, held taught in a frame, is made of woven polymer fabric.  The fabric is available in meshes ranging from 600 (25 microns or .001") to 70 (200 microns or .008").  The angle of inclination of the machine is adjusted to optimize flow rate and solids concentration.

External Fabric Tensioning is an important innovation.  The springs that hold the fabric sleeves tight are tensioned at the discharge of the machine.  This allows adjustment of the fabric tension with the machine in operation, an important operator convenience.  Also, it eliminates springs, turnbuckles and threaded rod from the inside.  This is important where the application involves products for human consumption because the machine becomes much more sanitary.  There is a patent pending on this feature.

To date, only the engineering prototype and a short production run of FF-12's have been produced.  These units are being placed in the rental fleet so that they can be used for field testing.  Our key target applications for testing are: press liquor in food processing plants, breweries, and citrus feedmills; whey in the cheese industry; residual fiber in wet corn milling ethanol plants; screen rejects, black liquor and clarifier underflow in the pulp and paper industry; press water in manure dewatering operations; and juices.

Rental units are available on a first come, first served basis.  The machines are all-stainless.


Issue 80